*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

Traditional Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery

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The sport of Archery is nearly unique in its advantages. It can be an individual hobby or a group activity. Bows and arrows are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Girls and boys can participate and excel equally.

Target archery is a perfect family sport and helps teach kids rules and responsibilities. Physical abilities become secondary to personal enjoyment. It's all about "personal best" and encourages concentration. Kids and parents can share the fun together.

Archery is a traditional recreation for summer camps, Scouts, school athletics and many programs. Group discounts are available. Target archery is also a popular teaching tool for home schooling students.

KidBow sells quality children’s bows, arrows, archery sets, quivers, targets, armguards and gloves.