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KidBow Traditional Archery Supply

659 Bedford St.

Whitman, MA  02382


KidBow bows and arrows for kids

Traditional Bows & Arrows
for Children's Archery

Bows and Arrows for Kids Targets, Quivers, Armguards and Gear Archery Help and Information

*Adult supervision is required.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and
acceptance of responsibility.

See more at our desktop website

See more at our desktop website

Archery SETS for kids

How to Order

If you see something that you are interested in getting from us you can contact us by any of the methods below and tell us what you want.*

1) Telephone - (781) 447-4520

2) Email -

3) Postal mail:

KidBow Traditional Archery Supply

659 Bedford Street

Whitman, MA


*In order to ensure that archery equipment is sold only to responsible adults, we do not have an online ordering system.

Shipping costs depend on weight, package size and distance.

These costs also will differ depending on value for insurance purposes.

Please feel free to contact us at 781-447-4520 or email to for an accurate shipping quote.

Group discounts are based on quantity ordered and are available for all archery equipment and accessories.

Pricing depends on volume per item as described below:

6 - 10 (same item)

5% off listed price

11 - 15 (same item)

10% off listed price

16 - 25 (same item)

15% off listed price

26+ (same item)

25% off listed price

Group discounts discount applies to arrows ordered 1/2 gross (72 count) lots. No arrow color choices, but we will try to accommodate preferences.

Please allow 5 to 10 days for delivery.

Inquire for pricing on wood bows and high-end items.

See our desktop website for much more: